Counselling, therapy and supervision in Central London

My approach is relational using an integrative perspective. I work with an adult, adolescent or child to find out what is important, both expressed and implicit. I help you or your child understand themselves better, mentalise emotional states and feel more empowered to tackle their issues or difficult situations. My work with children of primary and secondary school up to age 14 includes parents and carers as well as school staff to provide a holistic assessment of strategy and reappraisal alongside working with the child’s internal world. I have experience of a range of issues with adolescents. I am used to dealing with dilemmas and procedures where there are safeguarding concerns.

As well as talking therapy and helping towards understanding emotions, I use creative methods, parts work and EMDR to those who wish to use them. I also focus on body sensations and the use of breathing where appropriate.

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